• Half a century ago, back in 1949, one of the first Yugoslav foreign trade companies was established under the name of YUGOIMPORT, aimed at providing for the needs of Yugoslav defense industry. Our company operates under the new name “YUGOIMPORT–SDPR J.P.” as of May 11, 1993.
• Today, the public company Yugoimport-SDPR is a well-organized and coordinated business system with approximately 650 employees. The company is managed by a Board of Directors composed of nine members appointed by the Government of Serbia.
• The Company is organized along the lines of a holding structure, with clearly defined fields of competence and activities within the business system of Yugoimport-SDPR. The mother company deals in foreign trade and renders various engineering services. It consists of five divisions: Commercial, Capital Projects, Marketing and Development, Financial and General Administration Division and Quality Control Department.
• Our main activities include design and execution of capital investment works, technology transfer, exports of armament and defense equipment
technical assistance and training in operational use, maintenance, overhauling and upgrading of armaments and defense equipment.
• Over 30 years now, YUGOIMPORT–SDPR has contracted and successful executed capital in many countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. During this period our company has achieved total turnover worth over 21 billion US dollars, out of which over 16 billion dollars belong to exports and 5 billion dollars to imported merchandise.
• Majority of the works, YUGOIMPORT-SDPR has executed the in the period from 1975 to 1990, when projects worth over 10 billion USD were contracted and executed abroad.

YUGOIMPORT–SDPR renders complete services of consulting, financial, design, and construction management, up to commissioning of capital projects on “turn – key” basis. YUGOIMPORT–SDPR carries out investment works including industrial plants, thermo-electric power plants, transmission lines, airports, ports, roads, railways, bridges, residential settlements, administration buildings and office premises, hotels, hospitals, shelters, reservoirs, primary and secondary installations, water supply and sewerage systems, etc.

For implementation of various projects abroad, YUGOIMPORT-SDPR commissions the most successful design and construction companies, scientific and research institutes of Serbia.